You could probably get there with a boat - somehow - but an airplane is definitely the preferred way to get to Iceland from the United States. And if you're coming in by air, you're coming into the wonderful Keflavik International Airport [KEF]. Feel free to use the airline of your choice, but two that you may not know about are Icelandair and WOW air. Both fly out of Pittsburgh (which is relatively nearby for some of you) and Wow air even provides direct flights straight from PIT to KEF.

Also, be aware most airlines feature group rates once the traveler count gets up there. For instance, Icelandair considers a group to be 10+ people, while WOW air uses 12+. Feel free to start a discussion here to talk with other guests to coordinate travel.

Oh, and don't forget your passport!


Hveragerði is a short trip away from Keflavik International Airport. Once there, if you're going to want to participate in the wedding festivities, you'll need to continue through town to the Frost & Fire Hotel at the address below. This is where the fun begins and you definitely don't want to miss it.

Frost & Fire Hotel
Hverhamar, 810 Hveragerði, Iceland
+354 483-4959



This is likely the preferred method for getting around as Iceland's road system is great. And if you're going to be driving, the process is fairly straightforward: get a car, a GPS (or a map if you're one of those people), some snacks, and hit the open road! Just head for Hveragerði and you'll find it in no time.

Driving in Iceland is more or less like driving in the United States and can be accomplished with a US driver's license. Of course, it lies just south of the Arctic Circle and is, in fact, an island. As such, it's weather can be somewhat unpredictable. Also, volcanoes.

The Icelandic Transport Authority provides some standard info for getting around and you can look right here to bone up on Icelandic road signs. But if you're really into it, here's a video about the joys and perils of Icelandic driving. Or here's another if you're more into elves.


Public Transit

Public transit takes two primary forms in Iceland: taxi and bus. The likes of Uber or Lyft have not arrived on the island and likely won't be there by July '18. Furthermore, getting out to the Frost & Fire Hotel via this method is a little tricky but can be done.

From their website: "To get to Reykjavík from Keflavík airport it is best to take the Flybus. If you are stopping in Reykjavík at all the flybus offers a ride to the hotels in Reykjavík. To get to here by bus you´ll have to go to Mjódd bus station in Reykjavík and then take bus nr 51 or 52 to Hveragerði. The bus stops at the Shell gas station in Hveragerði and from there you could get a taxi to the hotel or walk."

It's a little more circuitous than renting a car but you'll get there eventually. Also remember that other people are (ideally) coming to this wedding. So one person's car hire is another person's public transit! Ask around or discuss with fellow attendees here.


"The radio is playing some forgotten song / Brenda Lee's comin' on strong"
- Golden Earring, Radar Love

One of the most exciting ways to see the wonders of Iceland is in your very own rental car. Whether cruising the ring road or sojourning up the side of an active volcano, the freedom afforded to sight-see at your leisure is second to none. There are a number of rental car companies located at Keflavik Airport, which can be found here. However, thanks to our lovely wedding planner Ann, we can give you lucky travelers the following discounts at booking with these select companies:

12% discount - During the booking process, add "12% IcelandWeddingPlanner Discount" in the comment area prior to checkout.

20% discount -  During the booking process, add"Iceland4x4Wedding" into the Discount Code box prior to checkout. This code provides a discount for either a Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser 76, or an ISAK Super Defender.



We have rooms blocked off for wedding guests at a hotel in Hveragerði called the Frost & Fire Hotel. Technically speaking, you don't have to stay here. But since it's the launchpad for all wedding activities, as well as the location of the reception, it's recommended that you get a room here. In addition, while there you'll experience the wonderful Restaurant Varmá (you're going to want to try to carrot cake; trust us), where you can grab breakfast during your stay.

Frost & Fire Hotel
Hverhamar, 810 Hveragerði, Iceland
+354 483-4959


Note that if you are attending the wedding and plan to stay at the Frost & Fire Hotel, you need to perform your booking through the RSVP form. Don't worry: it's no money down, pay at checkout.