Please join Brandi & Zach from July 4–7, 2018 as we celebrate our wedding in Iceland.




Zach was just a dude who accomplished little of note prior to meeting Brandi. This is the only picture known to existence in which he looks semi-cool.


Our Relationship

It's actually an absolutely fantastic story. In fact, someone should write a book about it...


Brandi is absolutely amazing in every conceivable way. This really isn't enough space to pen her entire story. But suffice to say, she's pretty great.


Welcome to Iceland!

Adventure awaits...

While known in the USA as Independence Day, in Iceland July 4th is commonly referred to as... 4 July. In 2018 it's a fairly standard Wednesday. But it'll be anything but standard for you as you begin your three-night stay at the wonderful Frost & Fire Hotel in scenic Hveragerði, about an hour east of Keflavik International Airport. For directions and other travel-related information, click here!

6:30P Welcome Cocktails & Appetizers at Restaurant Varmá 

And so it begins...

After a hearty breakfast at Restaurant Varmá, guests can gather at 9:15 that morning outside the hotel to board a chartered tour bus primed for adventure! This customized tour will afford you the opportunity to see some of Iceland's main tourist attractions along the famous Golden Circle! 

A packed lunch is included and you'll be back to the hotel in time for dinner. Don't forget your camera! Also note that there will be some walking about outside at these various locations. There's nothing overly strenuous - equivalent to a standard National Park visit - but keep that in mind when making preparations.

7:00-9:00a Breakfast at Restaurant Varmá
9:15a Load into buses for The Golden Circle tour
Explore:       Thingvellir National Park
Öxarárfoss Waterfall
Gullfoss Waterfall
Faxafoss Waterfall
Kerið Volcano Crator
**Lunch will be provided.  If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know.
5:30p Return to Frost & Fire Hotel

The main event!

It's time to get married!

As this is a wedding with more than a dash of walking around outside, suits and cocktail dresses aren't exactly required or expected. Business casual is more than fine, but definitely be sure to bring some comfortable shoes. Unless, of course, you just like being dressed up; then by all means, go for it.  Hope over to the Tips & Tricks page for more ideas on what to wear.

7:30-8a Breakfast at Restaurant Varmá
8-8:15a Load into the Super Jeeps
8:15-10:45a Drive to the Wedding Waterfall
11-11:30a Wedding Ceremony at Wedding Waterfall
11:30-12p Family & Friends Portraits / Group Photo
12-1p Waterfall Exploration & Icelandic Hot Dog BBQ
1-1:45p Drive to Scenic Mountain
1:45-2:30p Explore and Wedding Portraits
2:30-3p Drive to Super Green Canyon
3-3:30p Explore and Wedding Portraits
3:30-4p Drive to Canyon with Waterfall
4-4:45p Explore and Wedding Portraits
4:45-6:30p Drive back to Frost and Fire Hotel
6:30-7:30p Rest and Refresh
7:30-8p Cocktail Hour at Restaurant Varmá
8p-? Wedding Reception at Restaurant Varmá


You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!

Actually... you probably can. Just ask the lovely people at the hotel's front desk if you'd like to extend your stay (or more reliably, book that in advance). But the point is that this day ends the official festivities marking the joyous union of two pretty great people. The more wily of you may experience a sighting of the lovely couple at breakfast but otherwise that's all, folks!

But don't let that stop you! Iceland is an absolutely amazing nation that you've only just begun to explore! So hop in your rental car and head off in search of puffins or meander through the cheerful, multicolored streets of Reykjavik while snacking on a kleinur (or two). The point is, the rest is up to you.

Have fun!